Easy Video Suite by Josh Bartlett -FULL REVIEW

Easy Video Suite

Easy Video Suite by Josh Bartlett! Is Easy Video Suite worth it? 

  • Easy Video Suite is the first all in one video tool marketing that records, edits, tracks, publishes, optionally add events & gateways and can even create beautiful presentations with pre-made templates.
  • Easy Video Suite is by far the most popular video marketing software used by thousands of business owners and online marketers. Anyone that is involved in video marketing knows that Easy Video Suite is a must have.


Easy Video Suite by Josh Bartlett has completely changed the video marketing industry. Imagine every possible feature and possibility with video and video marketing, now put it altogether and you have Easy Video Suite.

Easy Video Suite is the first ever COMPLETE all-in-one video marketing tool. You've probably heard or seen the industry standard Easy Video Player or Easy Video Player 2.0. EVP was released in 2010 and almost instantly became the industry brand name for video marketing software, it's been 2 years since Easy Video Player 2.0 launched and now Josh Bartlett has come out with something truly revolutionary, a complete video marketing game changer.

That tool is Easy Video Suite by Josh Bartlett. If you are doing anything with video at ALL, Easy Video Suite is a necessity.


Easy Video Suite allows you to reach out to your audience better and faster then anything else I know.

People are absolutely in love with Easy Video Suite. Inside the Easy Video Suite dashboard, you can directly upload videos from the internet (YouTube, Vimeo, etc) by copying and pasting the video URL to the "upload from the web" module inside Easy Video Suite.

From there all you need to do is click import and Easy Video Suite will automatically add that video into your files folder inside your Easy Video Suite command center. Next, find the video that was just imported and click "settings".

This will bring you to the profiles page which is a great feature to help you stay organized and save you time with all of your videos. It's perfectly fine to just use the default profile which is what I recommend.

This is when it get's really fun and really exciting. Easy Video Suite really let's you be creative with your videos. The first thing you want to do when editing your video settings is changing the dimensions. Easy Video Suite has a preserve aspect ratio feature that will automatically adjust your video size to perfect congruent dimensions.

The next features in the video settings tab are auto-buffer and auto-play. The auto-buffer will help your load time with your videos for your viewers and the auto-play feature will automatically play the video when your viewer enters your page.

Moving forward to the Player tab you have the mouse over display buttons to enable user control in your video. You also have all of the popular social media integration like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. One of the really cool new features is the player entrance. With Easy Video Suite you can set up some pretty cool video entrance animations to really grab your audiences attention. Of course there's the watermark your video, lights out ability and even password protecting your videos to create exclusive videos.

The next module in your video settings is the Frame tab. Easy Video Suite comes with a ton of cool frames to create beautiful presentations with high end design graphics. A few of the popular templates include the IMAC and Iphone template. 

When your done with choosing a frame Easy Video Suite even allows you to add a bar below your video to integrate widgets. You can add everything from social media buttons to HTML embeds, comments and more. This is something you definitely want to take advantage of.

That's it! When your done choosing your preferences all you need to do is click finalize and Easy Video Suite will automatically save your newly created video.

You can also add gateways and events which enables you to add chapters, squeeze pages, opt-in forms and all of that good stuff. For the first time ever you can actually force people to click on your buttons to increase user activity. This will help you increase your opt-in rates and conversions. A quick note is that you can set up these gateways and events during any time of the video which makes it awesome.

When you're finally good and ready you can finally go back to the finalize tab and grab your embed code to copy and paste your newly created video on your website.

Now we've only scratched the surface of the true potential of Easy Video Suite. There are tons of more revolutionary features like tracking, advanced social integration, button adjustments and so much more. Easy Video Suite has me on the edge of my chair and I'm extremely excited to see where this tool goes in the nearby future.


Inside the Easy Video Suite command center (web based dashboard), you'll be able to manage, publish and track your videos which you've published and converted through Easy Video Suite.

It comes with a walk through page, welcome page and a full introduction on how and where to get started. The most astonishing feature is the tracking. The tracking module is incredible. Being able to monitor exactly what your viewers are doing and at which point of the video are sales being made, Easy Video Suite makes video marketing a perfect tool to optimize, increase and maximize your profits.

Inside the Easy Video Suite interface, the main modules consist of:

1) Quick statistics (effectiveness, drop-off time, completion percentage, start time, completion plays, total sales generated).

2) Weekly analytics (shows you the plays, completed plays and sales generated from plays for each specific video).

3) Viewer engagement (shows you the duration of plays, number of viewers, etc).

4) Your most popular video (shows drop off point, and average time duration of most popular video being played).

Easy Video Suite also comes with an "effectiveness thermometer" which calculates the videos performance using a color reference system. Red meaning weak, green meaning strong.

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